Who We Are

Healthy Credit Inc. specializes in international medical debt collection for healthcare providers. We work with the most advanced collection technologies along with proven debt recovery strategies to consistently provide the best results for our clients. Healthy Credit Inc. has extensive experience working with Hospitals, Doctors, Laboratories, Private Clinics and Insurance Companies all around the world. Our values are based on honesty, compassion and efficiency and we are always committed to providing the best service.

We fully understand that Health related debt recovery process is unique and sensitive. We employ the very best debt recovery strategies to obtain the best results for our clients and to ensure full satisfaction of the patients throughout the entire process. At Healthy Credit, we always strive to promote and preserve our client`s reputation. We handle each account with the awareness that we are a direct reflection of our client! We do not believe in aggressive collection tactics. Our account managers treat each account with the same level of attention, regardless of how large or small the account is, or the length of time the account has been outstanding.

All of our account managers are multi-lingual and come from a very diverse cultural background. We match each international patient`s account with an account manager that has the right cultural background and speaks the same language of the patient, to ensure a quick and effective debt recovery process for our clients. We take the privacy of patient`s information very seriously! We have implemented industry approved security measured to safeguard the privacy of patient’s personal records. We are consistently improving our security protocols to ensure we are always up to date and to effectively prevent any possibility of HIPAA violations.

Our Team

FDCPA, TCPA & HIPAA Compliant procedures

All our accounts are managed in-house by Healthy Credit. With offices in North America and Europe, we can reach patients worldwide without time zones restrictions. We invest heavily in our staff! We have a very high standard when it comes to hiring individual account managers. All of our staffs are highly educated and have already experience in debt recovery.

In addition, we always conduct on-going training programs to ensure our team is up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations pertaining to HIPAA and FDCPA and the specific legal requirements of each country. Our attention to building a great work environment and our generous employment packages, enables us to attract and keep the best talents.